Step Three of your Winter Skin Care Regimen ~ Hydrate in Layers, part 1

One of my key Beauty Secrets is the third step in your Winter Skin Care regimen. This important step was preceded by #1~ Cleanse GENTLY…
and #2~ Mist LIBERALLY…
An analogy to this next vital step, STEP #3~ Hydrate in LAYERS of my recommended Four Step Regimen, is my statement that “Just as we dress warmer by layering our clothes during the colder Winter months, it is a perfect idea to layer our Skin Care Products in order to provide enough protection and moisture for our exposed faces.” This article focuses on the first step/first layer of my strongly recommended  Hydrating in Layers protocol–
After cleansing and misting well with some of my favorite MISTING Products (see the link just above for details and a brief critique of what makes them special), I recommend that you IMMEDIATELY HYDRATE with a thin, even base coat of a SERUM, not an oil blend or cream per se, but a liquidy/gel/ lotion~like emulsion which absorbs into the skin almost instantly, leaving a smooth surface.
Another wonderful quality of a serum is that it is Very Concentrated so only a small pump or half of a pea-sized amount in the palm of your hand is all that’s required to  spread quickly by the fingertips of the opposite hand with gentle yet continuously gliding strokes applying the precious ingredients all over your face. Next, use about two applications for your neck and decollette [A MUST!! your face doesn’t stop at your chin 😉 and along with the eyes are usually the first areas to show signs of environmental damage and loss of elasticity].
I highly recommend the Serums from OSEA Organic Seaweed-based quality Skin and Body Care line. I have used their products on myself and on my faithful clientele for years and I prefer not only the way they absorb deeply into the skin, and what the ingredients they contain do for the skin, yet also just the right amount of the gel-like liquid is dispersed from the high quality pumps of the beautiful frosted glass bottles. I enjoy and appreciate all 3 serums from OSEA and here is a little explanation and my critique of them one by one:
First, the VITAMIN SEA Serum– What Osea says about it~ “This potent serum infuses skin with Hyaluronic Acid and a fortifying blend of seven seaweed extracts to help smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. Antioxidant-rich Turmeric, Ferulic Acid and Green Tea restore the appearance of youthful plumpness to moisture-depleted skin. Leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated.”
*My opinion is that the exceptional ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, known for its ability to retain about 300x its weight in moisture when applied to the skin, are just what Winter skin craves. As the first step of your 3 part layering, a wonderful serum like this one absorbs quickly and makes a light base to help the next two steps adhere and absorb more evenly and deeply. Vitamin Sea Serum is categorized as Anti-Aging, or as I like to say, “Youth~Enhancing” 🙂
Second, the BRIGHTENING Serum– What Osea has to say~ “This ultra-lightweight serum contains potent botanicals that help to visibly brighten your complexion, diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and create the appearance of a more even skin tone. Vitamin-rich ingredients such as Indian Gooseberry, Curcumin, Japanese Matsutake Mushroom and Bearberry give your complexion a refined, radiant look.” The Brightening Serum is considered ‘radiance enhancing’ and anti-aging by its maker.
*My opinion is that the gently exfoliating and brightening ingredients contained in Osea’s Brightening Serum are much safer and work at a much deeper level than chemical exfoliants and artificial brightening agents. Plus its special and unusual ingredients such as gooseberry (an Ayurvedic favorite), curcumin aka tumeric (known for its anti-inflammatory effect), specific type Mushroom, and Bearberry herb are ingredients known for assisting in the repair of sun damage and the gradual and safe lightening and even~ning of sun damaged-caused hyper-pigmentation of the skin which appears more and more as we take on the exposure year after years not realizing that SUN DAMAGE is CULMULATIVE, that is, every year in the sun, unprotected, causes a gradual change in melanin which is triggered deep in the dermis and comes eventually up to the skin’s epidermis (surface) slowly yet relentlessly.
So, every year we receive more sun exposure and the protective melanin increaes (a darkening of areas as small as freckles in the beginning then over time expand to be larger “sun spots” and with every birthday the spots and imperfections become darker and more prevelant…and that usually makes us so sad 😦
The only solution is to be pro-active with Protection, Lubrication, and pure Organic cleansers, toners, masks and other skin care products that are made specifically for certain skin conditions like these and beautifully realized by OSEA. There is help out there and this serum is one of the skin’s best friends.
Thirdly, the EYE GEL SERUM for all skin types. Osea’s description of its benefits~ This is a “Supercharged Serum For Tired Eyes.” meaning “This robust age-defying under eye serum combats visible signs of fatigue such as dark spots, fine lines and surface puffiness for an instantly illuminated look. Resveratrol, Montmorillonite, Organic Algae, Hyaluronic Acid cultivate a youthful, firmer looking appearance. Has an immediate, gentle, cooling effect that promotes a sense of freshness and wellbeing.”
*My opinion is that no skin care regimen should be without this very moisturizing and so necessary product since the EYE AREA requires specialized and consistent attention with the right kind of product that is not heavy to order to not cause clogging around this delicate, thin-skinned area, and it is also very important that an eye serum penetrates easily to sink in and not sit on top interfering with the next two layers in our Hydrate in Layers regimen. Again, the ease-of-application with the pre-measured pump as well as the just-right-size container to take in your purse, gym bag, travel bag, etc. makes Osea’s Eye Gel Serum one of my most highly recommended skin care products and definitely one of Mary’s Must~HavesTM.
Find the above mentioned products here~…
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