Step Three of your Winter into Spring Skin Care Regimen, Hydrate in Layers, part 2~your Oil Serum layer

Step Three of your WINTER into SPRING SKIN CARE REGIMEN~ Hydrate in Layers, continuing with part 2~ Choosing an OIL SERUM to achieve a beautiful, moist and nourished complexion for Springtime~
If you’ve been following me on the Beauty Walk here, you’ll know that I began to teach you in Late Autumn then transitioned into a Winter program giving you step by step instructions on how to counteract this dry, dehydrating and cold season of Winter, and now we’re transitioning from Winter into the first weeks of pre-Spring. I’ve taught you my practical and experienced lessons on how to care for your skin at this crucial season–Winter–by writing out in detail a successful guide to taking good and gentle care with your one and only precious skin. Read on to see links to my previous NOTES below where I describe Step One through Step Three, part 1, of my Four Part professional system for a complete SKIN CARE REGIMEN that takes Seasonal and Climate variations into consideration.*
Since the early days of February at the New Moon, we’ve entered another transition time which requires that you slightly modify your day and evening skin care regimen from Late Winter into Early Spring in order to keep your daily skin care regimen/RITUAL up-to-date as well as get into sync and complement what is happening in your personal environment as far as weather, air quality with its humidity or wind-chill factor is concerned, and especially become aware of your bodily transitions during this period between Late Winter into Early Spring.
Remember, the phrase of “…those will be helped who help themselves?” Well, Nature and our own often-forgotten, yet always there, BODY RHYTHMS will usually give us a cleanse either because 1) you’ve assisted your body with its own natural, season-induced CLEANSE by employing proper, easy, and gentle detox methods…or because, on the other hand, 2) you’ve neglected to follow MOTHER NATURE’S RHYTHMS and therefore, self-inflict yourself with colds, allergies, and sluggishness of body, mind and spirit.
This is because our bodies are overloaded and somewhat clogged by the past months’ slower pace, holiday and daily eating of heavier (and often less) fresh market food and substitution of some fresh foods with easier stored and prepared pantry foods. And, unless we carefully adjust with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and light or no dessert, our diet has almost subconsciously been seasonally adjusted to keep our bodies warm and our tummies full. Settling in with a good book and a glass of vino as you read this? Oh,oh, more carbs and sugar!
Yet, only the very disciplined can resist the comfort of warm bread, delicious cheeses, potatoes, and baked goods when the wind is blowing and temperatures drop so low during a long Winter’s evening–are you one of these people? I know I’m not really good at resisting temptation. So, when the season of Winter is coming to a close and our body’s overload happens, if you forget  (or worse, resist)  SELF-CARE methods such as the easiest and well-known method of doing a daily Gentle Detox first thing in the morning–the warm to slightly hot LEMON WATER RITUAL with its LIVER cleansing properties–you experience the often unpleasant result of system overload…and then what’s your body to do? BE PRO-ACTIVE…see my post:…
And you may be wondering–“What does this have to do with my skin care regimen for Spring?”  My methodology is HOLISTIC, that is, my knowledge and advice encompasses taking our entire being~ Body/Mind/Spirit ~into consideration when recommending protocols and products…so please continue reading if you’d like to learn more.
After gentle cleansing, misting or toning, and then applying the first layer of your Hydrate in LAYERS protocol–the light, liquidy SERUM Layer (see link below), IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW with the second layer in my protocol, the OIL SERUM Layer, the layer that guarantees a moist, hydrated, repaired and re-juvenated appearance to your Winter-weary complexion. Today, I will give you instructions on How-To apply and what to look for in OIL SERUM, and in another NOTE, I will give you my recommendations to my favorite products in this category.
Delicious OIL SERUMS whether smelling of their own carrier oil goodness, or lightly fragranced with real, pure essential oils is a BEAUTY RITUAL known since ancient times to prevent dryness and preserve a less-lined look to the skin because of their nourishing and replenishing properties. Plant-based OILS contain natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and lots of other great components for keeping skin both beautiful and HEALTHY.
This is because our skins by their very composition are Oil Loving! Our skins’ sebum is what keeps it lubricated and protected NATURALLY from bacteria; Our skins’ LOVE OIL~ our pores (really not “pores” but technically sebaceous glands, and not our sweat glands either) actually readily absorb and appreciate natural plant oils as the best and most beneficial moisturizing ingredients we can utilize–only if they are truly fresh and good ORGANIC OILS, and not heavy molecule ones like coconut oil, or clogging, synthetic ones like mineral oil–in order to function optimally allowing the skin to become Normal/normalized, the most sought-after skin type whose dewy, glowing, baby-like soft and radiant appearance is the condition that is strived for, and for which lots of money is out-laid for, to gain and maintain that just about perfect look we admire so much.
HOW-TO APPLY  an OIL SERUM~  Use either a third of a small glass dropper full, or 2-3 pumps of your selected  OIL SERUM which usually comes in a Glass Bottle into the palm of one hand, and use the fingertips of your other hand to press some of the oil onto your fingertips until most of the oil serum is on the fingertips of both hands. Then begin to apply in slow, gentle sweeping movements from the center outwards of your cheeks, forehead, chin, jawline and nose in that order.  Blend in lightly until you feel most of the oil blend has been absorbed into the top layer of your skin, then apply an equal amount or more to your neck and décolleté in lightly downward movements from under your jaw down with gentle and light pressure towards your collarbones.  Finish with sweeping movements across your décolleté and shoulders.  You must treat your entire facial area in order to retain a youthful countenance…both the right products and your ritual daily face massage will both stimulate lymph flow and assist circulation which are key to skin’s health and appearance. Leave on just the barest slight layer of oil so you may FOLLOW with the 3rd and final layer…your more occlusive cream layer/barrier.
Your daytime CREAM will become your 3rd layer (a future NOTE forthcoming) applied right after the OIL SERUM has absorbed…I suggest about 1 to 2 mins allowance time before applying the third layer…with enough of a slip and glide feeling left comfortably on your skin’s surface to form a semi-occlusive final layer over both your previously applied liquidy serum and oil serum layers. This is the application method I highly recommend to keep your skin protected and hydrated for the whole day and again, overnight, after your EVENING Ritual.
By repeating this cleanse, mist, layering system in the Evening, you will not only refresh yourself and prepare for a restorative sleep, you will prepare your skin to do its own restoring and repairing work overnight by providing a “breathe-able” yet very moisturized environment for your skin to repair free-radical damage and balance itself into the normal skin that is naturally ours. BE SURE TO APPLY the layering steps to your Neck and Décolleté areas also–this is crucial to maintain a total countenance that looks and remains refreshed and youthful.
*And be sure to check out my NOTES which appeared in the last few months on my Simply Nirvana Facebook page as well as on my Blog~ Your Skin Advisor at WordPress: to review all the STEPS so far–remember my motto–BE BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY!
Step One~ Cleanse GENTLY:…
Step Two~ Mist LIBERALLY:


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