My Favorite FACIAL and BODY OIL BLENDS– the best organic quality and results from these skin~restoring potions for Spring

After you’ve read my posts referenced below on the vital steps to my Hydrate in LAYERS system of attaining and keeping a moist, refined, and hydrated looking skin by using a FACIAL OIL BLEND immediately after applying a first layer of a liquid/gel-like Serum** then, read this post with some of my favorite facial and body oils for SPRING. This step is especially important after the Winter ravages of cold, wind, dry and de-hydrating environments, and perhaps a neglect or lack of utlizing the correct and most nourishing skin care regimen. Now is the time to begin restoring and revitalizing your precious skin to get that Springtime glow
By reading my previous NOTES found below, you will understand in-depth how important using an OIL BLEND is to your daily skin care routine, and it has to be one that is organic, free of synthetics, colors, pesticides, and unhealthy ingredients. One that is deliciously and naturally fragranced with its own nutritive carrier oils, or lightly scented with quality essential oils that add to the beautifying properties of a well-made FACIAL OIL with certain skin regulating components that enhance with their delightful and time-honored essences (essential oils are actually more liquid-like than oils, except for tree resins which are generally thicker). Therefore, the carrier oils and essential oils do not make your skin oily…they actually balance your own natural oils without leaving excess oiliness on the skin’s surface since the skin readily absorbs them a few minutes after application of a few precious droplets.
**Read these notes first to get up to speed with my recommended protocol:
These previous articles will fill in the background necessary to create your own essential SPRING SKIN CARE REGIMEN that will not only repair the damages caused by Winter conditions, it will more importantly Strengthen and Re-New your DAILY BEAUTY routine for a fresher, moister, and less-lined countenance to greet the new season with confidence.
My system’s steps will also prepare your skin/body/mind/spirit for the following Summer Season which like the Winter Season is the hardest on us in terms of keeping a healthy lipid barrier on our skin and protecting it at the same time since exposure to the stronger Nature elements of both Summer and Winter are the skin’s real challenges. I have instructed both on what makes a quality facial oil blend and how-to use it in my above links, so take a look there to read and understand my methods and then, see the next paragraphs for listing of my current Favorite OIL BLENDS which will enhance both your skin and your outlook for Springtime by reviving your complexion in wonderful, effective and naturally beautiful ways~
Here is my  highly recommended product to use as a FACIAL OIL for your Spring Skin Care Regimen are:
NELUM BOTANICS GRACEFUL FACE ELIXIR~ Company description–“Nelum Botanics’ Graceful Face Elixir is a powerful blend of organically grown medicinal botanicals working in harmony to strengthen collagen, maintain elastin, support skin structure, regenerate skin tissue and protect from free-radical damage. Alive with phytochemicals, our Graceful Face Elixir will help prevent age spots and even skin tone while replenishing your skin with vitamin A, B, C & E for a wonderful, graceful you!” Recommended for: •normal skin •dry skin •sensitive skin •blemished skin •mature skin
My Review~ While using this excellent product, I felt the wonderful experience of my skin being fully drenched and pampered with real quality, carefully selected, free trade carrier oils accompanied by a very lovely & deep-smelling, yet pleasantly light-feeling and not at all over-powering, essential oil blend of skin revivers and beauty enhancers Helichrysum essential oil and extract, Jasmine Absolute, EOs of Frankincense, Myrrh, & Citrus Blend (non-toxic which means non-photo sensitive which is so important in regards to citrus essential oils so they do not cause hyper-pigmentation or irritation from exposure to sunlight). This gorgeous facial oil comes in glass which I believe is the only safe container to use for beauty products.
I found this blend to make my skin very soft, moist, and restored, it also left my skin feeling refreshed and nourished without any residue…in fact, it felt perfect…like what my skin had been longing for had at last appeared. Find this wonderful facial oil elixir here:
Begin to enjoy it while bringing your “dry in-need-of nurturing” skin back to life, and isn’t that what Spring is all about? R-e-g-e-n-e-r-a-t-i-o-n
NELUM BOTANICS ROSEHIP AND CHAMOMILE BODY OIL~ “Formula Rosehip and Chamomile is a delicate mélange of oils naturally fragrant herbal extracts that have long been used to calm, soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Our light and deeply nourishing formula is kissed with a unique blend of Essential Oils and CO2 Extracts such as Rosehip, Chamomile, Ylang ylang. This sensual blend, rich in Vitamins A, C, D and E, lecithin, and Omegas help improve and restore your skin’s barrier function by strengthening skin elasticity, shielding against oxidation and preventing trans-epidermal water loss.” Recommended for: •normal skin •dry skin •sensitive skin •mature skin •blemished skin
My Review~ This is slightly heavier in weight than the Graceful Face Elixir, yet is still very penetrating and light-feeling and makes an excellent Face as well as Body oil for those who prefer a simple system of an all-in-one face & body moisturizer that is truly natural, restorative and healthy for the planet as well as ourselves. Rosehip Seed Oil is a well-known and revered carrier oil known for its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities, and the addition of chamomile and ylang ylang essential oils make it calming while at the same time sensual for the body/mind/spirit.
The convenient 4 oz. size with pump makes it easy to use and refills are available at a reasonable cost. I love both the smell and how Nelum Botanics Rosehip and Chamomile Body Oil made my skin feel–dry, flaky, dehydrated skin cells were quenched and looked repaired almost instantly. Applied head to toe after gently exfoliating in my shower, I felt that I was stepping happily into Spring feeling renewed and thankful for my body. Find it at this link:
I know you’ll really appreciate all the careful thought and importance to details that go into the delightful product line of this environmentally-conscious company whose owner is a true lover of Mother Nature and all her glorious gifts. You’ll also find Nelum Botanics on FB and please read the blog on the website which has lots of good articles on beauty care and self-care using the best in natural, sustainable ingredients~


  1. Oh, Sara, thank you very much for your comment and it makes me so happy to hear you are pleased with your OSEA Vitamin Sea Serum…it really does improve the hydration and texture of surface skin. I really appreciate your praise–I do love sharing 🙂


  2. Great information! As an aromatherapist I am going to try and make a facial serum as you described with Risehip Seed Extract, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang which I have. I ordered the OSEA
    Vitamin Sea product you recommended in your last blog and I love it!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences.


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