Quality Skin Care products produce Superior Results…it’s all how they are made and utilized~

Deciding what to use in regards to taking good care of your skin when exposed to all the commercially available beauty care and skin care products advertised everywhere can be confusing–in cosmetic departments, drug stores, health food stores, online, in beauty and fashion magazine editorials, on television, cable networks, through blogger’s opinions, and recommended by friends–and all this hub-bub makes your choices seem overwhelming and they are!

What is the truth and what are just marketing claims makes it very difficult to distinguish between quality ingredient products and those that are just so-so, or even downright badly made, and in fact, terrible for your skin. These contain harsh chemical ingredients, bad formulas, and over-the top-pricing. You may count on myriad viewpoints and accept manufacturer’s claims along with testimonials from people with no experience at all physically treating the skin without really doing any investigation on your part.

That is why my viewpoint is of value since I have spent the last 25 years hands~on treating women, men, teens and pre-teens of all ages with all types and conditions of skin as my personal clients by being a Licensed Esthetician who now wants to share with others how to take care of their skin properly and with the healthiest products.

And, well, I am also here to tell you the TRUTH–most commercial products FAIL in the areas of pure, high-grade, truly natural ingredients, safe effectiveness, and long-term improvement for your skin–both face and body. You probably wouldn’t eat harsh and dangerous chemicals on a day-to-day basis, but that’s exactly what you are doing when absorbing whatever is in the products you are using into your body’s sensitive system.

Please READ LABELS carefully before you purchase–Many people are under the impression that more ingredients means a better product when actually a long list of ingredients really means less effectiveness, not more.

This is because too many ingredients means that there are only minute amounts of ACTIVE ingredients. With a long list, there are usually what is known as “fillers,” a lot of dangerous artificial preservatives, and water (from what sources we do not know) as the main ingredient sometimes up to 90% of the total product.

Even many professional products used by skin care practitioners are inferior in my opinion, and personally investigating, researching and testing thousands of products during the course of my long career in Esthetics, I found most of them to be lacking and harmful.

Of course, I am very picky and scrutinize details about “miracle ingredients” as well as personally testing all of the products that come to my attention on myself for extended periods of time to make sure they are well~made and work as they claim–way before I consider recommending them to my faithful clientele and followers.

By my criteria, very FEW product lines have received the Simply Nirvana approval. Most I considered “trash” and after costly investment on my part, these inferior products had to be thrown away. Many irritated my skin and did not provide any benefits at all.

Because of my professional experience, I knew how-to bring my skin back into balance, whereas consumers usually do not know how to do this…they continue to endlessly try “the latest and the greatest,” and when a few weeks or months have passed, and they are un-satisfied with results, it’s onto new products, new promises, and new disappointments.

Doesn’t all this get both tiresome and very expensive? If you’ve come to the same conclusion, please follow me on my FB page Simply Nirvana, and also on my new blog, https://yourskinadvisor.blog/ for advice on using top quality and finely made product lines such as my following recommendation for the season~

At this time of year when dryness, dehydration, sallowness and expression lines are most noticeable, I highly recommend contacting me for information on ordering my trusted organic skin care products for your Face. These products are perfect for achieving a nourished, supple and moist complexion to offset and repair the harsher effect of Winter weather. My versatile products can also be used for your body and hair. Please private message me on my Simply Nirvana Facebook page–https://www.facebook.com/simplynirv…

Also see my NOTE dated November 27th, 2016 on my Simply Nirvana FB page, here is the link–https://www.facebook.com/notes/simp… it explains in detail HOW-TO correctly wash your entire facial area with wonderful oil-based CLEANSERS as temperatures drop and gentler, more moisturizing cleansers are required.