Simple and effective organic products for a perfect Winter complexion~

Here is one of my current favorite SELF CARE Organic SKIN CARE product lines that provides superior results almost instantly to both my clients and myself, and contains only the finest natural ingredients to achieve beautiful skin. The NAKED SOUL BEAUTY Organic Skin Care regimen is simple, easy to follow, and is definitely worth the money invested to enhance and preserve your one and only delicate face.


All Naked Soul Beauty products come in beautiful violet-colored Miron glass bottles made in Switzerland which truly preserve the freshness and integrity of their ingredients that are easily pumped out in measured doses so that no product is wasted or contaminated by keeping out air, light, and germs from touching an open bottle. I love that they are pH balanced, most of them un-scented, and that they contain only the most necessary top quality ingredients to provide exemplary results.

Begin revitalizing your skin with certified organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin Camellia Oleifera (White Tea Leaf Oil) which is the basis of Naked Soul Beauty’s SACRED CLEANSING OIL. So effective that contains only 2 ingredients–the beautifying oil and a natural olive-oil ester which makes it easy to rinse off completely by using your hands to splash with plain water, or, if you choose the SACRED CLEANSING CREAM–it also contains the White Camellia oil, the ester, and their rich Goddess Face & Eye Cream. This cream into oil cleanser is for those who prefer a creamier lotion feel which when emulsified with water also dissolves into the deeply cleansing and nurturing oil so it completely rinses away all impurities such as facial dirt, stale oils, make-up, sunblock etc. The result? Feel the cleanest yet softest skin you’ll be amazed to touch.

It’s a delightful nurturing experience to gently mask away built up dead skin cells with Naked Soul Beauty’s LOVE EXFOLIATING MASK–an all-in-one hydrating as well as gently exfoliating mask with purifying properties. Using this lovely exotic formula several times a week AM or PM, will raise your home beauty regime to an all new level of luxury with one of Naked Soul’s signature ingredients, Rose Bourbonia Oil. Your skin’s newly refined surface will now absorb your moisturizing products to achieve a naturally glowing complexion.

My most highly recommended holistic serum, the ALIGNED SEA KELP NIGHT SERUM, is your evening boost that renews and repairs skin nightly with Super Powers! This highly advanced night repair serum combines a blend of Pomegranate extract, Kinetin (plant derived growth factor), a high dose of stable Vitamin C, and Sea Kelp Bioferment that squelches free radicals, boosts collagen, increases elasticity and suppleness, hydrates and reduces wrinkles with continued use. Once you see the results of this amazing serum you’ll make it one of your most coveted skin care classics.

Complete your daily skin care ritual with Naked Soul GODDESS FACE & EYE CREAM–the perfect consistency for a luxurious yet light moisture trap for thirsty skins that absorbs deeply while leaving a soft and supple finish. GODDESS Face & Eye Cream is also based on White Camellia oil, renowned for its beautifying and youth-enhancing properties, then wisely includes East African Nilotica Shea Butter to promote skin elasticity and protection while healing dry, damaged skin. A super star ingredient–stable Vitamin C–neutralizes free radical formation, fades pigmentation spots, and builds collagen while Eco-Cert Mediterranean Olive anti-aging Actives form a liquid crystal structure to create an environmental shield. This luscious unscented AM & PM formula allows your make-up to glide on like never before during the daytime and increases your moisture barrier overnight.

Four simple yet incredibly effective products that I know you’ll love…here is the link to Naked Soul Beauty’s WEBSTE:

and also the direct link to the INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS PAGE where you’ll find the products recommended above and more choices for your perusal.  Please check out the Collection Sets and Sample Sets available~

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