My perspective on the appearance of Beauty~

As we look at our faces in the mirror each day, we seem to ask ourselves ‘age-wise’~ “In what ways am I going to change?” I’m right there with you.
Sometimes we are alright with what our countenances reflect back to us, other times, our critical nature leaves us with feelings of disappointment, inadequacy and a little sad. Resisting the urge to try almost anything to keep our youthful attributes is difficult–I find it fun and a little depressing to see decades old photos of myself. Yet, we must pause, reflect, and appreciate that our real value is in our Internal Selves in the Present moment…no matter what the age or condition is of our outward selves.
Vanity is not just a state of mind that affects the young and fresh. As changes to faces and bodies become evident with every passing decade, we may sometimes “lose heart”, overly fret about what else might happen, take drastic measures with painful procedures, risky diets, and over-spend on beauty products promising the fountain of youth, and then, finally, when we realize “all is in vain”, we ultimately find peace in accepting ourselves at every age.
What all the passing years gives us is a comfort level with who we are and an appreciation of ourselves that we didn’t have in our youth, or even in our “middle”. Thank yourself for considering your thoughtful, non-judgmental and considerate insights about your personal talents and achievements. There are so many ways you can remain positive regarding this aspect of beauty that has been under the radar~ no product, diet, or exercise routine will dissolve all aspects of maturing.
That doesn’t mean we give up on ourselves, or stop our self-care methodology. Eating well, walking or being sporty, engaging with friends and loved ones, finding joy in our interests, and using a well-made simple skin care system based on truly organic products may not stem the tide completely, but with these type of positive actions, we will definitely enhance our present selves. Healthful habits consciously done daily will assist us in feeling really good about ourselves and positively affect our present moment. With just our positive feelings, being kind and gentle with ourselves, and consistently participating in self-care and self-love, changes will be less daunting and even welcome. Your outlook and self-appreciation will rule the day…Remember my motto~ “Beauty is an Inside Job”.