True Relaxation~

I have been doing a relaxing protocol after a client’s skin analyis and before I begin the full treatment for the last couple of years by placing an essential oil-scented steam towel over a lightly cleansed face (after a thorough inital cleanse if they have make-up &/or sunblock on), then guiding the client through some deep, slow breathing while simultaneously ringing a Tibetan bell/cymbal softly usually 3 times to quiet their emotions and take them out of their mind chatter, followed by a few grounding movements on their feet just over the sheets.
This method seems to bring the most stressed clients into a calmer space allowing me to also to feel relaxed and more focused.
This type of grounding in the client’s psche and personal space is so necessary for true relaxation and for a full appreciation of the focused attention they are about to receive during my holistic aromatherapy facial treatment.