My Passion

This blog has been created to introduce you to my passion and expertise in selecting the finest, purest, most effective, and truly NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS that I have discovered over the course of  my 26 years practical experience as a Master Holistic Esthetician, Certified Aromatherapist (by well-known experts in the field), and as the Creator of the FIRST AROMATHERAPY SPA, Simply Nirvana Day Spa, established in Corona del Mar CA in 1992**

I am excited to present to you my current favorite selection of HOLISTIC beauty products discovered through personal research and tested first on myself, then if enjoyed and pleased, I also must approve of ingredients, philosophy and methods of application, and then, when using them in treatments on my loyal clientele, they produce superior results. The products I select must also be affordable to the consumer.

If and when they pass all of my requirements, then, voila!  These  treasures qualify as my “Fabulous Finds”TM  also known as “Mary’s Must~Have’s”TM–and  I deem them highly worthy of the Simply Nirvana endorsement.

Please consider them as your personal Introduction into the beautiful feminine RITUAL of SELF CARE which is so vital to our self-worth and self-love as women.

Take a good look at the list of these delightful and nurturing ITEMS below that are written about in more detail in my blog. If they pique your interest, please leave a comment and I will share with you special pricing via my CODES for immediate purchases.  And, if you love them as much as I do, then you may save on repeat orders throughout the year with these same exclusive codes.

If you are a Professional seeking new and exciting products to introduce to your clients, I will coordinate special introductory packages for you via my lovely vendors. So, view the categories below and find the articles/blog posts relating to them by clicking on the boxes you see on my main page which say “Categories” and also under “Fabulous Finds” found at the bottom right-hand side of this blog’s page.

MY ENDORSED PRODUCTS are  *Exclusive*  Hand~Made with Love & Expertise by like-minded women and, I consider them exclusive because you won’t see them everywhere–they are made in small batches to keep their freshness, and therefore, are not mass-produced or marketed.   Because of this, I term them Niche, SELECT, and Exclusive Beauty & Self-Care Products–They are ultimately healing, healthy & safe for the planet and our bodies as well as supportive of  women-owned businesses~
 *Organic SKIN CARE  Lines based on Pure Organic Ingredients that really work since they have been tested and confirmed by repeated applications over a lengthy time to have excellent results;
*Mood~Enhancing FLOWER ESSENCES also known as subtle Vibrationary Medicine created by the current leader in this field, a woman of insight;
 *Personal Wellness & Beauty AROMATHERAPY BLENDS for face, body, mind, and spirit created by Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated female Aroma~therapists;
*Gorgeous/Unique/Customized Natural BOTANICAL PERFUMES created by Award-Winning female Perfumers;
 *Super-healthy, Organic, Fair Trade. Non-GMO, Non-Soy, Non-dairy, Coconut Sugar-sweetened VEGAN CHOCOLATES with Flower Essences for MOOD stabilization and SPIRIT enhancement created by a dedicated, long-time female Yoga & Meditation Practitioner;
 *Handmade Award-Winning Quality ARTISAN JEWELRY created by a female Jeweler with an eye for beauty incorporating  unique materials & special details…and…
* THE BEST Beauty ADVICE from a Pro~
**Please see the “Welcome Lovers of Beauty~ My Bio” headline post on Your Skin Advisor to learn more about my professional background.  Also, you may see additional info via my digital resume on LinkedIn where I currently have over 650 followers~

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