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How to rate your Spa Experience

My commentary on what’s the difference between a great Spa and those that are so-so in an article called “Why Good Spas Go Bad” from December 28th 2012 by Spalicious at
Please read this article~ I have posted a comment at the end of the article and although it is several years old, it will always be applicable regarding this pertinent topic…see what I have to say with my background as the creator of the first Aromatherapy Spa in Corona del Mar CA 1992~
 also posted on my professional Facebook page~

The top Wellness Trends of 2017

Find out how to make your New Year the best in regards to your health of body, mind, spirit including self-care, fitness, relaxation, and fulfillment~

Natural Botanical Perfumes~ smell divine, unique et magnifique

Why follow trends especially when it comes to the most intimate beauty product a woman can choose?  When you want express your “smell personality” to the world let yourself smell akin to the delicious, provocative, evocative and pleasurable scents of  gorgeous florals, spices, herbs, resins and fruits of our Earth.  Once you try well-made pure ingredients natural botanical perfumes  hand~blended by modern perfumists, you’ll never go back to synthetics. Remember one of my Beauty Secrets~ You want people to ask “What are you wearing?” in a good way 😉

Check out these beautiful and unique SCENTS~





Quality Skin Care products produce Superior Results…it’s all how they are made and utilized~

Find out about my criteria for rating my favorite Skin Care products~

Bring Aromatherapy into your Everyday life~

How the art & science of this wonderful healing modality can be safely and effectively brought into your everyday life.  Diffusing the oils throughout the Winter months is especially effective for purifying the indoor air in your environment and keeping your Respiratory System healthy.

Lavender Fields Forever~

I really love and highly recommend the ESTATE COLLECTION from the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm. Their wonderful organic lavender oil (an item that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet as an all-purpose remedy) is organically-grown at the gorgeous  Purple Adobe Lavender Farm, Abiquiu, New Mexico– Click on this link~ to visit their Facebook page and here is the link to their site:…

Read the following to get an idea of the quality of their fine products and to find the link below to order from their BELLE ESSENCE Estate Collection:

Here’s a quote from Elizabeth, the owner: “Our Lavender Essential Oil is pure, undiluted 100% lavender essential oil. Our lavender oil has been tested in a lab and we are aromatherapy rated. There are so many different uses for lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a natural calmative to the body, and the system as a whole. You can use it in your bath, or to scent your pillow at night and help you get a restful nights sleep. You can use it on insect bites, especially mosquito bites, or even use it in your rinse cycle of your clothes washer for a clean fresh result. The benefits go on. Visit our sister web site at for a free download of “10 BEST WAYS TO USE LAVENDER”.

Natural Botanical Perfumes for Late Autumn into Winter~ smell divine

Si vous plait, check out my personal favorites for the season.  I receive so many compliments when I wear these perfumes based on and created from the incredibly gorgeous flowers, herbs, and resin gifts from Nature~

Welcome Lovers of Beauty~ My Bio

After receiving a Master of Arts degree in Art History from the University of Southern CA, my life took a new pathway when, at age 40, I decided on a new career in Facial Esthetics. While studying to be a Licensed Esthetician, I discovered the beautiful art & science of an incredible healing modality–Aromatherapy– and so began in-depth studies in essential oils, herbs, nutrition, holistic body therapies and European skin care specifically French methods using homeopathic principles.

After many, many hundreds of hours of study with Masters of Aromatherapy including but not limited to–Eve Taylor OBE, Marcel Lavabre founder of Aroma Vera (the first company to bring essential oils to the US), Michael Scholes of Aromatherapy Seminars and Laboratory of Flowers, John Steele, Archaeologist and founder of Lifetree Aromatix, Sequoia Lyn-James of Libations by Loridonna and Sequoia Aromatics, and Gabrielle Perret-Johnson of Essensa Active Organics NYC–I continued my studies in Holistic Nutrition with the protégé of Linus Pauling, learned and incorporated Ayurvedic Beauty Principles and Treatments from Melanie and Robert Sachs of Diamond Way Ayurveda, took numerous courses in Therapeutic Beauty Care & Stress Therapy from the International Dermal Institute and the BioElements Esthetics post-graduate School both located in Los Angeles CA where I received numerous certificates in Complementary Therapies such as Hand, Foot & Ear Reflexology, Oriental Diagnosis (face and body reading), Facial acupressure in conjunction with manual lymph drainage, Chakra Alignment, and Plant Medicine.

Additionally, I spent 2 years in apprenticeship training with an expert practitioner of quality European facial and natural nail care in Newport Beach CA.

With this extensive background, I was inspired to create a unique concept– the first Spa ever that specialized in aromatherapy, botanicals and quality essential oils called SIMPLY NIRVANA DAY SPA in Corona del Mar CA in 1992, with a second location in Laguna Beach CA in 1997.

The Spa was very successful mainly by word of mouth from highly satisfied clients and local press raves that made Simply Nirvana the #1 local destination spa.  We set the gold-standard for all other spas that came much later to the Orange County CA scene. The concept of Simply Nirvana was often copied, but never duplicated in regards to the quality of service, professionalism of staff, and our luxuriously-long holistic treatments incorporating the best truly natural botanical aromatherapy skin, nail and body care product selection.

Our services were set in quiet, elegant, beautifully-appointed, retreat-like treatment rooms surrounded by our gorgeous HEALING GARDEN where herbs, flowers and botanicals found in our expert treatments were grown as live examples, and where Meditation and Horticultural classes were held every month.

Now, with my exceptional knowledge, experience and know-how after 25 years in the beauty/wellness/cosmetic world, I’m now offering CONSULTATIONS and answering QUESTIONS about self-care & beauty treatments plus recommending products of superior quality and results by advising you What To Use and HOW~TO use them in my latest endeavor, YOUR SKIN ADVISOR–It’s like having your own private and personalized Beauty Consultation in your home/office at your convenience via checking into my Blog here.

Let me show you how to care for yourself HOLISTICALLY in the privacy of your own BEAUTY RETREAT at home, and LEARN in detail from my hands-on, practical experience of over two and a half decades of keeping my clients’ skin beautiful and youthful.  It’s all here so…WELCOME TO MY WORLD, LOVERS OF BEAUTY!

Post Script~ also please see my SIMPLY NIRVANA Facebook page*There you can read my almost daily advice on how to achieve perfect beauty by following my proven methods of achieving both INNER & OUTER BEAUTY