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How to rate your Spa Experience

My commentary on what’s the difference between a great Spa and those that are so-so in an article called “Why Good Spas Go Bad” from December 28th 2012 by Spalicious at
Please read this article~ I have posted a comment at the end of the article and although it is several years old, it will always be applicable regarding this pertinent topic…see what I have to say with my background as the creator of the first Aromatherapy Spa in Corona del Mar CA 1992~
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Read about the best-rated spas in the world~

How it feels to visit the best Destination Spas in the World~
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Spa Resorts in Tahiti

The oft-dreamed fantasy of going native in Tahiti is now within reach. Preview where and what type of exotic experiences are currently happening by traveling to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  This would surely be a journey you will remember: