Feng Shui your bathroom to transform it into your personal Beauty Retreat

A great way to invigorate the New Year~

Re-vamping your bathroom into your refreshed and practical BEAUTY RETREAT will bring an awareness of what you really resonate with in regards to your personal Beauty Regime and will re-new and re-fresh your outlook about yourself in a positive way.


Recommendations for a Winter Glow…the basics to get started~

Here are some of my BEAUTY SECRETS to assist you in getting started on a new SKIN CARE REGIMEN in 2017~
 #1–Make your skin care regimen a pleasant and nurturing daily ritual by having all your products organized on your bathroom counter in the exact order you will use them–early in the morning or late at night, you’ll be glad you did 🙂 A pretty container like a rustic basket, or a mirrored tray to hold your facial products will bring a sense of order and a feminine touch.
#2– Many people wash their face in their basin or shower in the AM, and neglect to do so in the PM which is the totally wrong approach. No matter how tired or distracted you are before bed, ALWAYS clean your face, neck, decollete and around your ears gently and thoroughly at the end of the day. I like to do this in the early evening so I’m all ready for my beauty sleep and can just drift off peacefully.
#3– Please do not use harsh glycolics, grainy scrubs or retinol-based cleansers at this time of year. I personally do not like these type of cleansers in the long run at any time of year and advise my clients to get a series of relaxing professional facials if they want to repair and restore their skin properly after the damaging effects of Summer sun exposure. Make sure your esthetician correctly assesses your skin type and condition and does not advise aggressive treatments.

Quality Skin Care products produce Superior Results…it’s all how they are made and utilized~

Find out about my criteria for rating my favorite Skin Care products~


Bring Aromatherapy into your Everyday life~

How the art & science of this wonderful healing modality can be safely and effectively brought into your everyday life.  Diffusing the oils throughout the Winter months is especially effective for purifying the indoor air in your environment and keeping your Respiratory System healthy.



Lavender Fields Forever~

I really love and highly recommend the ESTATE COLLECTION from the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm. Their wonderful organic lavender oil (an item that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet as an all-purpose remedy) is organically-grown at the gorgeous  Purple Adobe Lavender Farm, Abiquiu, New Mexico– Click on this link~ https://www.facebook.com/Purple-Adobe-Lavender-Farm-Abiquiu-New-Mexico-308107313851/ to visit their Facebook page and here is the link to their site: http://www.purpleadobelavenderfarm.com/…

Read the following to get an idea of the quality of their fine products and to find the link below to order from their BELLE ESSENCE Estate Collection:

Here’s a quote from Elizabeth, the owner: “Our Lavender Essential Oil is pure, undiluted 100% lavender essential oil. Our lavender oil has been tested in a lab and we are aromatherapy rated. There are so many different uses for lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a natural calmative to the body, and the system as a whole. You can use it in your bath, or to scent your pillow at night and help you get a restful nights sleep. You can use it on insect bites, especially mosquito bites, or even use it in your rinse cycle of your clothes washer for a clean fresh result. The benefits go on. Visit our sister web site at www.belleessence.com for a free download of “10 BEST WAYS TO USE LAVENDER”.

Natural Botanical Perfumes for Late Autumn into Winter~ smell divine

Si vous plait, check out my personal favorites for the season.  I receive so many compliments when I wear these perfumes based on and created from the incredibly gorgeous flowers, herbs, and resin gifts from Nature~








Late Autumn into Early Winter-Update your Skin Care Routine

As the weather cools down and the sun changes position, there are certain adjustments that need to be made to your SELF-CARE ROUTINE to keep your facial skin hydrated, moist/glowing and refreshed~



Read about the best-rated spas in the world~

How it feels to visit the best Destination Spas in the World~
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Spa Resorts in Tahiti

The oft-dreamed fantasy of going native in Tahiti is now within reach. Preview where and what type of exotic experiences are currently happening by traveling to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  This would surely be a journey you will remember:


Step by Step Daily Regimen for perfectly beautiful skin from Late Autumn into Winter~

Really understand HOW to Wash your entire Facial area~
The other day on my Simply Nirvana FB page, I posted a brief summary of MY CLASSIC FOUR STEP PROGRAM  to effectively care for your precious facial skin during Autumn and throughout the Winter.
In brief, they were~ 1) Cleanse GENTLY;  2) Mist LIBERALLY;  3) Hydrate in LAYERS-Base. Middle and Top:  4) PROTECT with Safe Sunscreen.
Here is an expansion of my professional advice for STEP ONE of the program I designed for my spa clientele~
Let’s start from the beginning by learning how to LOVINGLY WASH your Face and entire Facial area  like the precious object that it is:
Cleanse GENTLY: Use an OIL-based CLEANSER** especially in your evening PM regimen because oil is the most effective and efficient cleanser to remove make-up, sunscreen, environmental residue, and whatever happened to touch your face during the day.
 **My favorite oil-based cleansers can be recommended to you by contacting me in the comments section of this blog.
When you cleanse and nurture your face thoroughly at night, then morning cleanses can be simple and light since you’ve gone to sleep with a clean, moist, well-nourished face that should only need a lightly warm washcloth, facial toner, hydrating oil blend or cream and a natural zinc oxide sunscreen. Although, if you enjoy repeating the oil cleanse in the AM, please do so, but realize that using less water overall on your skin, face as well as body, during the drier seasons will help your skin retain more moisture.
STEP ONE, part 1~ Apply 4-6 pumps of the oil cleanser into the palm of one hand and press the fingertips of your opposite hand into the oil then apply the oil with both hands using gentle strokes in light upward movements beginning* with your forehead and moving downwards to under your eyes, over your nose, cheeks, around your mouth and chin, down the sides and front of your neck and onto your upper chest (decollete).
*Very important– If you are wearing eye make-up and lipstick, then first apply a pump or two of oil onto a damp cotton pad to lightly remove whatever make-up there is with eyes closed, turning the pad over and using a second if needed…the same for lips. Do this BEFORE you do the rest of your face–I’ve seen residue from mascara , eye shadow, lipstick, etc. embedded into women’s pores by not cleansing in the right order.
STEP ONE, part 2~ Massage the oil around about a minute to loosen everything, then run warm (not hot) water from your tap picking up a little water on your fingertips and palms, turn water off and spend another minute or two throughly but gently EMULSIFYING the oil into a milky-like lotion–this is key…do not just rinse off an oil cleanser without this step since this is how it really deep cleans.
STEP ONE, part 3~ Then, rinse well, but not overly well, using TEPID water and hands, or with a WARM washcloth which you first let rest over your face like a steam towel for about 30 seconds…repeat a 2nd time with a Cooler temp washcloth if desired–note I said, COOL not icy cold. GENTLY press your skin dry with a fresh, clean, very soft towel and press lightly to absorb some, but not all, moisture from your skin.
Your skin should feel soft, not stripped. Make sure you reach all areas where you applied the cleanser, and PLEASE do NOT rub with the washcloth, or dry roughly with your towel.
Check in with me often and read more of my practical Beauty Secrets including the next step in My Program–MIST Liberally –along with a couple of Feng Shui suggestions for your bathroom aka “your Personal Beauty RETREAT”.